Thanet Primary Care Treatment Centre

Primary Care Treatment Centre (10:00-18:00)

Following the outbreak of Covid-19 the practices in Thanet, in conjunction with Thanet Health CIC and the support of EKHUFT, came together very quickly to create a place at the Sarre Day Unit, where people with symptoms or contact of Covid-19 can be seen. The processes make visiting and working in the centre very safe. We can assume that going shopping will expose you to a higher risk of contracting the Corona virus than having an appointment at the centre.

It has been amazing how quickly and well the surgeries collaborated to establish those clinics. Thanet Health CIC is grateful to have been able to facilitate working out the day to day procedures, policies and support the delivery with its CQC registration, staff and logistics.

Patients are booked into the site via their surgeries. Clinicians have full access to the GP records of those patients and the outcome of the encounter is transferred back to the surgeries immediately after.

Please find more information on this link and see on the right for the not very formal opening ceremony.