Complex Acute Response Team

The Thanet Health Community Interest Company has been instrumental in developing and facilitating the complex ART which has been running since November 2016. It was initiated with the understanding that patients were often not seen by the most appropriate clinician at the most appropriate place. It was founded on the principles of integrated care – creating a team from multiple agencies and services all working together to ensure the best possible holistic care for a patient in crisis.

It is based at the emergency department (ED) of the Queen Elisabeth Queen Mother Hospital (QEQM) and Westbrook House. It develops packages of care and support for a duration of 5 days to enable the patient to stay at home, or their familiar surroundings, and ensures ongoing needs are communicated to the surgery of the patient where those can be picked up accordingly – either through the surgery alone or its associated multi-disciplinary team (MDT).

Patients can be referred to the complex ART team by GPs, Community Practitioners, Hospital Doctors, the ambulance services and any members of the MDTs of Thanet and are made directly to the Senior Clinical Decision Maker. A package of care is then developed rapidly.

It has been recently evaluated and it was stated: "The ART delivers a high standard of care which is valued by users and carers alike. Users are treated with dignity and respect and carers are supported emotionally and practically. There is good collaboration and care co-ordination within the ART and with other service providers. Although users experience an improvement in their health and wellbeing in the short term, for many this is within the context of deteriorating long-term conditions”

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