Thanet Health CIC gains Cyber Essentials Certification - 01/06/2021

Thanet Health CIC is proud to have achieved the Cyber Security Essentials certification, a UK government information assurance scheme operated by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) that encourages organisations to adopt good practice in information security.

UTC Update - 06/11/2020

Dear Colleague,
We write to update you with some recent changes that have taken place within the UTC.
We would however like to start by thanking you for all the hard work you have put in during the transition from E-ART to the UTC.  We appreciate it has been extremely challenging but we would not have been able to get where we are without your dedication and buy in to the changes, so thank you.
The first change is the location of where the UTC Receptionist sits.  It has been decided to relocate to the Fracture Clinic reception desk on a trial basis.  If we find this to be more beneficial to the service then we will look to make this permanent until such time as the UTC is relocated to its new home.
The patient pathway has also changed as is now as follows:
  • Patient walks in at A&E, streaming Nurse asks the covid questions and initial view and issues UTC GP, UTC ENP or A&E card to patient
  • Patient will be registered on PAS by the A&E reception team who will select UTC or ED.
  • If the patient is for UTC, they will appear on ECASCARD.  If the patient is for ED, they will appear on Sunrise.
  • If UTC Patient, they will be directed around to the Fracture Clinic.  The patient will also be given a coloured card which identifies one of the following:
    • Primary care for the Drs
    • Urgent care centre for the ENPs
    • Urgent Care (NHS111 DAB) FOR BOOKED GP appointments
  • Tech within UTC will undertake Obs.
  • If still suitable for UTC GP, enter on to EMIS and mark as arrived.
  • If unsuitable for UTC discharge on ecascard to ED, make contact with A&E Reception to advise patient to be rebooked on Pas as ED.  Clinician also needs to inform ED clinicians that patient is not suitable.
  • Once patient has been seen within UTC, follow the normal discharge process.  Where the patient has a safeguarding issue identified, then complete ECDS/CPIS on ECASCARD prior to discharge.  
Please note that the escalation process for this service is as follows:
Speak to ENPs on site.
If further escalation needed
In hours
Kelly Marley 07815654233
Kate Barrett 07798 798943
Out of hours
A&E Nurse in charge
Clinical site co-ordinator
However there is also the following telephone number which can be used to reach the 'Director On Call': 
07311 811363 
If you have any other problems with the new way of working or have any suggestions on how we can improve the processes, please let either of us know.
Many thanks
Graeme, Sandra, Markus & Stephanie​

C-Art - 24/09/2020

Good news, 

we have secured the contract for the GP component of the c-Art service.

We look forward to even more cooperation and close working together.


Thanet Primary Care Centre is about to move - 11/06/2020

Thanet Health CIC is very proud in having been able to support the local surgeries to set up and operate the Thanet Primary Care Treatment Centre (TPCTC). 

Since we are getting to the recovery phase of the Covid Pandemic it will be necessary for the TPCTC to move to a different location. We are fortunate to have the Garlinge Surgery (Westgate) at our disposal and that building will serve as the TPCTC from the 22nd of June.

Please refer to our website links for further information.

Social Enterprise Mark - 28/05/2020

The Thanet Health CIC has been awarded the approved Social Enterprise Mark.

This is an international accreditation providing an independent guarantee that we operate a social enterprise committed to create positive social change!

This shows we are trading for the benefit of our people, staff and planet!

Find out more about this certification here.

CQC visit - 10/01/2020

We are delighted and proud to announce that our company has been inspected by the CQC and been graded as good across the board.

We want to thank everyone who has put in so much hard work and commitment into our company to make this happen. 

We also want to take this opportunity to thank all our clinicians who are at the front line and making such a difference for all our patients and people we encounter.

Thank you!


GDPR - 12/11/2019

We are as a company fully GDPR compliant.

We can provide your personal and confidential data on request. Please contact us under the contact page to either make your request known to us, obtain one of our forms we can provide, or send us your request in writing to our mailing address below. Please be aware you will need a form of photo ID to make the request.

A full guide and information how to do so can be found under:


CQC visit - 07/11/2019

We are excited to tell you that we are going to be inspected by the CQC (Care Quality Commission) on the 14th of November.

We plan to impress the inspectors!

UTC developments - 10/09/2019

The Thanet Health CIC has been working hard to prepare for the upcoming PQQ to ensure we are in a good position to answer the PQQ against formidable competition from the outside. For that purpose an alliance has been formed with the other local GP federations namely Ashford Clinical Providers (ACP), Invicta Health CIC, Canterbury Integreated Health (CIH) and Faversham. This has enabled us to be a strong partner for EKHUFT and IC24 to go ahead and prepare for the PQQ.

Extended Access in Thanet - 06/06/2019

Thanet Practices provide additional appointments as part of the National Extended Access scheme.

Appointments are available in the evening between 6.30pm and 8.00pm, Monday to Friday, with weekend appointments offered at the Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother Hospital between 8am and 8pm.

These appointments may not be at your local GP Practice or with your regular doctor but may be with a neighbouring practice and with your consent the Clinician will have access to your electronic medical record.

For more information and to book an appointment, please speak to a member of your Practice Reception Team.

Image of Extended Access in Thanet