Our Vision

Everyone together for a healthier Thanet.

Thanet Health CIC was established to support Primary Care in Thanet.

Primary Care is under significant pressure. TH CIC, if it is to continue to be successful, needs to be a significant vehicle in delivering resilience in primary care services in Thanet.

Our mission is to deliver superior quality integrated healthcare for the people who live and work in Thanet, preferably by people of, or affiliated with Thanet.

Our Values

Quality care: consistently meeting rigorous standards, achieving the best possible care for patients and delivering measurable outcomes for our service.

Collaboration: Facilitate and foster true partnerships with health & social care professionals, Thanet communities, commissioners, learning institutions, and other stakeholders.

Inclusion: Including patients and communities in the design and development of services

Innovate: Continue to review, learn and develop innovative solutions for healthcare needs.

Transparency: Openness and honesty are at the heart of everything we do

People first: Enabling individuals to meet their needs and fulfil their aspirations.