Our Team

Image of Dr Markus Maiden-Tilsen

Dr Markus Maiden-Tilsen

Executive Director
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Image of Sandra Muirhead

Sandra Muirhead

Executive Director
Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Advanced Clinical Practitioner (ACP) Lead

Image of Sandra Houghton

Sandra Houghton

Director of Primary Care

Image of Elizabeth Campbell-Smith

Elizabeth Campbell-Smith

Chief Financial Officer

Image of Herman Grau

Herman Grau

Finance and Commercial Manager

Image of Paul Ruprecht

Paul Ruprecht

Corporate Services Manager

Image of Ged Timson

Ged Timson

Quality and Governance Officer

Image of Dr Rakesh Koria

Dr Rakesh Koria

Clinical Lead Complex Acute Response Team (C-ART)

Image of Margaret Mogentale

Margaret Mogentale

Strategic Relationship Manager

Image of Megan Houghton

Megan Houghton

Assistant Head of Operations

Image of Sasha McCollum

Sasha McCollum

Deputy Finance Manager

Image of Trudie Whitling

Trudie Whitling

Admin Support

Image of Joe Raines

Joe Raines

Admin Support

Image of Eunice Humphries

Eunice Humphries

Admin Support

Image of Krysia Wolf

Krysia Wolf

Medical Secretary